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Any user is allowed to post questions here and they are not moderated every time. So, those who are posting copyrighted ones -- as that of coaching institutes -- are doing at their own risk. If anyone has any complaint of such content here, please contact us and they will be removed immediately. The admins of PCScommunity never copies questions nor instruct anyone to do so.

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For other posts, even if you are posting a question/answer the community is maintaining them including formatting/correcting etc. So, you are not permitted to delete them, though that request can be considered on case by case basis. Those who are having such an issue can avoid posting their question/answer here. These statements are added because there have been instance of people demanding to delete their content, then to add back etc. which are not trivial task for the site admins.

Rules for Members
You are not allowed to do advertising here in any forms. PCScommunity provide every stuff required for UP PCS completely free. So, we won't entertain coaching queries here.
This is an open forum. So, you must not cause any disturbance to other members. Any disturbing behaviour would not be tolerated. This includes using abusive words in chat, messages and in posts. Anyone violating above shall be banned from the site for an indefinite period. Rules for Contributors
The only place you are allowed to advertise your work is your profile page If you are providing tests on GO, you can contact via Contact Us Just like questions, once you are adding a test, it will remain the property of PCScommunity and you are giving us the permission to use it for distribution by any means.
PCScommunity reserves the right to remove any tests if it is found to be violating any copyrights or if we receive any other complaints.
Promise from PCScommunity
PCScommunity is not a non-profit organization just because it is troublesome to be one. It is not behind generating money and so we never sells you even being free. The site runs from the limited revenue generated by Google Ads and we do not take any donation from anyone also to ensure that we remain free and truthful to the UP PCS aspirants.