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Henan Zhongyuan brake Company Limited, the registered capital of 30000000 yuan, is one of the earliest, largest, Chinese famous brake production manufacturers; products are widely usde in ports, steel, thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, wind power generation, mining, shipyard, shiplift, railway and other heavy industry of hoisting and conveying machinery.
The conmpany has production for a variety of supporting sophisticated processing equipment, the domestic leading technology and advanced detection means, as well as a number of high and mid-level technical personnel, in time to host all kinds of plant development dynamic tracking, timely development of new products, the timely improvement of existing products and technology, and constanytly improve product performance and quality; according to the requirements of different users, the development of various special and non-standard products. Advanced processing detection means, strong technical development efforts and constant technological transformation, so that the Central Plains brake product quality and customer service by the user's wide acclaim, has formed a sales network all over the country.
"Only in the twinkling of an eye--central brake". This advertisement warming accident will occur in a twinking of an eye. Therefore, the brake has always put the quality as the life of enterprise, safety than to see Taishan. The company took the lead in the industry through the ISO-9001;2008 quality management system certification, product by the China special equipment test certification.Strict quality management system, to ensure the production of zhongyuan brake brake with high quality, high technology content, won the domestic customers trust and recognition of the broad, laid a central brake in the domestic same industry dominant position."Golden drum brake" brand has become well-known brands throughout the country, the company became the major machinery factory main suppliers, products are exported to Europe and the Untied States, Russia, India, Ukraine and other countries and regions.
The company will revitalize the national industry as its mission, "to cast Chinese brake products, creating the world's brake brand"as the enterprise mission, for Chinese and foreign customers to provide quality, reliable, safe, rest assured that the products and services, to build a security barrier be secure against assault.
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