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new APP Control Wireless GSM SMS Home House Security Alarm System IP WiFi camera

● Remarkable image quality and vision: Adopt 1/4" Megapixel CMOS Sensor, f=3.6mm F=2.0 with high resolution 1280*720P, support IR Night Vision 8m up to 10m, easy and fast installation and setup with P2P(Plug&Play). Convenient for our users, time-saving setup, stunning image and video allow you to monitor your home and keep safe.
●  Super wide- angle view: Super wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 350°horizontal & 100° vertical rotation range creates a complete 360°coverage. Built-in intercom, support two-way audio, create a no distance surroundings between you and your family, friends or pets. You can also use it to warn the invader.

● Integrated with Remote Video Recording Service: camera can work with Ethernet cable or 24G WIFI. Including 3 types of video recording: manual recording, alarm recording, scheduled recording.
l 2 in 1 Double Security: Wireless GSM Alarm System combined with IP501 WIFI Video IP Camera

● GSM Alarm Panel: include TFT color screen, Touch Keypad, Voice Prompt. When alarm is triggered, the preset number(including 6 phone numbers)will be dial and make a phone call to you with SMS call.  6 phone numbers for Alarm SMS, 3 phone numbers for emergency help.
● 10 seconds of voice recording, Scheduled arm/disarm, With rechargeable backup battery, can continue to work when external power is off;
Product description
Quick Guideline
1. Install GSM SIM card into GSM alarm panel.
2. Add alarm sensors, remote controllers to GSM alarm panel
3. Preset alarm call and SMS numbers
4. Arm GSM alarm via keypad, remote controllers or app.
5. Trigger sensors to make alarm, such as separate door sensors with its magnetic part, walk around in the detection area of infrared PIR detector etc.
6. Siren of G18 make sound, at same time make phone call and send sms to preset user phone.
7. After user get the call and SMS from GSM alarm console, open its app---click camera monitor---Enter into camera app----watch the video.
Users can aslo add wireless alarm sensors to camera App. When alarm sensor triggered, it will send alarm signal to GSM panel and IP camera at same time. After GSM panel get the alarm signal, it will drive the siren sound, and call and send sms to user mobile via GSM network; IP camera push alarm message to mobile app and start to record video into TF card automatically, and built-in siren of camera make sound. User can open the mobile app to watch the video and check what’s happened immediately.
The IP camera built in 2.4G WIFI module and 433MHZ wireless module, both two modules together will produce some interference each other, so the wireless 433mhz receiving distance of IP camera is shorter than GSM panel. If you need install some alarm sensors in some place that maybe camera can’t receive the wireless signal, but GSM panel can receive it, suggest only add the alarm sensors to GSM panel, other nearby sensors to both GSM console and IP Camerabuy Wired Alarm System
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