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Polyurea Spray Equipment Portable Pneumatic Drive Simple with Small Size Light Weight for sale
1. Product Introduction of the Portable polyurea spray equipment
The Portable polyurea spray equipment,with the model number HP-90, is a double component system of pneumatic spraying equipment. This kind of equipment can be used in many areas and spray a lot of double component materials, such as spray a variety of two-component materials: polyurea elastomer, polyurethane foam and polyurea, polyurethane adhesive and sealants.
We introduced polyurea spray equipment in the year 1997 and we have been focusing on this since then. Also, we have made some adjustments according to years’ site work experience just for easier operation. We are expecting to become your long-term qualitied machine supplier in China.
2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the Pneumatic drive polyurea spray equipment
Main Technical Data
Material Conveying Ratio(Volume)1:1
Coating Amount0.8-2.0 kg/min
Operating Temperature65℃
Power Supply220V,6A
Maximum Output Pressure24 Mpa
Compressed Air≥0.7Mpa,0.8m3/min
Standard Configuration
Host Machine:1 set
10m Heat Preservation Conveying Pipeline:1 set
Manual Spraying Gun:1 piece
3.Product Feature and Application of the Small size polyurea spray equipment
Polyurea Spray Equipment Features:
(1)Pneumatic pressurization;
(2)Automatic constant temperature;
(3)Small size;
(4)Light weight;
(5)Operating radius of 10m.
Polyurea Spray Equipment Application:
It has been widely applied in many engineering, mainly applied to small area construction and repair and lab research and development.
(1)Anti-corrosion engineering, like Oil Industry, Chemical industry, Pipelines and Power Plants;
(2) Waterproofing engineering, like High-speed Railway and Subway, Olympic Venues, Swimming Pool, Tunnel, Sewage tank, Building Roofs.
(3) Anti-abrasion engineering, like Mining, Trucks and Train Bogies, Water Conservancy Projects;
(4) Marine Engineering, like Ship and Warship Decks and Naval Vessel Grounds, Offshore Facilities, Fenders, Steel Pipes and Bay Bridges.
(5) Polyurethane Foam Engineering: Building External and Internal Walls,Roofs and Cold Storage;
(6) Other Fields: Industrial Flooring, Sport Field, Theme Park, Film and Television Properties.
4.Production Details of the Light weight polyurea spray equipment
5.Product Qualification of the Simple polyurea spray equipment for sale
Dongying Aonuo International Trade Co. Ltd., a collection of scientific research and development, production and marketing into a modern high-tech enterprise, is specialized in manufacturing polyurea raw materials, polyurea spray machines and polyurethane elastomer curing crosslinking agents DMTDA&DETDA.
Based on the high requirements for products quality over the past twenty years, we have established long-term mutually beneficial business relationships with all of our customers. And we have exported to all over the world, especially Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and all the Southeast Asia countries.
6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the Polyurea Spray Machine
Delivery Time: 10 days upon receipt of payment.
When we ship the polyurea spray machine to you, it will be packed in a wooden case.
(1) We can offer you free and systematic training on polyurea waterproof coatings and polyurea spray machines, especially we will show in site work to each of our customers how to spray the polyurea with the machine and the machine daily maintainence.
(2) We have a professional team. We can offer you immediate reply at any time you have problems. Also we can offer engineer overseas service when necessary.
If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the inquiry, we will promptly reply to you.
8.Latest News:
In order to express our gratitude and establish long-term mutually beneficial cooperative relations with each of our customers, we will offer three days engineer technical support for free if you purchase more than two machines from us.Bulk PU foam spray machine
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