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Foundations of Social Work : Concepts, Historical Development, Philosophy and Methods. 


  1. Social Work: Concepts, Definitions and allied concepts – Social Service, Social Welfare, Social Security and Social Reform: Objectives, Assumptions; Principles and Functions, Social Work and Social justice; Social Work and Human Rights, Common Base of Social Work Practice; Philosophy and Values; Social Work as a Profession in India. Historical Development: U.K., U.S.A. and India. 
  2. Social Case Work: Concept, Objectives, Components, Processes and Client-Worker Relationship. Social Group Work: Concept, Objectives, Principles, Skills and Role of Social Group Worker. 


  1. Community Organization: Concept, Steps and Procedures, Principles, Community Planning and Community Integration, Role of Community Organizer. Community Organization and Community Development. 
  2. Social Welfare Administration: Concept, Definitions and Social Welfare Administration as a Method of Social Work: Related Concepts – Social Administration and Public Administration, 'POSDCORB' Decision Making Process, Organizational Development and Cost BenefitAnalysis, Transparency andAccountability Team Building and Leadership. 
  3. Social Work Research: Concept, Social Research and Social Work Research, Steps of Social Research – Research Design, Sampling, Sources, Tools and Methods of Data Collection, Processing of Data, DataAnalysis and Report Writing, Participatory Research. 
  4. Social Action: Concept, Models and Strategies, Social Action and Social Movement, Advocacy, Lobbying and Networking, Approaches of Sarvodaya, Antoyodaya and LokShakti. Dimensions of Social Work Practice: Integrated, Ecological, System Change, Radical and Generalist. 

Social Work 


Understanding Social Problems and Social Work Interventions 


  1. Social Problem: Concept andApproaches to the Study of Social Problem. 
  2. Social Work Intervention: Concept, Need, Significance andApproaches. 
  3. Family and Related Problems Family: Concept and Types Related Problems- Dowry, Child Marriage, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Issue related to Live-in – Relationships, Families with Working Couples, Gender Inequality, Emigrant Heads of Households. Nature and Techniques of Social Work Intervention in these areas.
  4. Weaker Sections and Related Problems Weaker Sections: Concept and Characteristics Problems Related to: SCs/STs/OBCs/Denotified Tribes. Nature and Techniques of Social Work Intervention in theseAreas. Concepts, Issues and Problems Related to: Casteism, Communalism, Ethnicity, Terrorism, Displacement and Environment Degradation. Nature and Techniques of Social Work Intervention in theseAreas 
  5. Concepts, Issues and Problems Related to Deviance: Truancy, Vagrancy, Juvenile, Delinquency, Crime, White Collar Crime, Organized Crime, Prostitution, Cyber-Crime, Suicide andAIDS. Nature and Techniques of Social Work Intervention in these areas 
  6. Concepts, Issues and Problems Related to Social Vices: Alcoholism, Drug- Addiction, Beggary, Corruption, Nature and Techniques of Social Work Intervention in theseAreas. 
  7. Concepts, Issues and Problems Related to Social Structure: Poverty, Unemployment, Bonded Labour, Child Labour, Unorganized Labour, Female Foeticide. Nature and Techniques of Social Work Intervention in these areas 
  8. Welfare State: Concept and Characteristics. Central Social Welfare Board:Structure and Functions. 


 Fields of Social Work Intervention: 

  1. Concept, 
  2. Constitutional and Legislative Response, 
  3. Policies and Programmes
  4. Child Development, 
  5. Youth Development, 
  6. Women Empowerment, 
  7. Development of Weaker Sections, 
  8. Welfare of Senior Citizens, 
  9. Welfare of Persons with Disabilities, 
  10. Rural Development, 
  11. Urban Community Development, 
  12. Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, 
  13. Industrial Social Work, 
  14. Correctional Social Work, 
  15. School Social Work, 
  16. Urban Slums.
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