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Political Theory- 

  1. Definition, 
  2. Nature and 
  3. Scope of Political Science,

Approches to the study of Political Science-

  1. Traditional, 
  2. Behavioural, 
  3. Systems and 
  4. Marxist 


  1. Definition, 
  2. Theories of origin and 
  3. theories related to the functions-Liberal, Individualistic, Socialistic. 

Sovereignty-Meaning, Types and theories. 

Rights- Meaning, Kinds and theories 

Liberty- Meaning, Kinds, and theories. 

Justice- Meaning, Kinds, and Theories; 

relation between equality and liberty. 

Democracy- Meaning, types, Theories-Liberal, Socialist and Marxist. 

Forms of Government: 

  1. Democrative & Authoritatrian- 
  2. Unitary and Federal, 
  3. Parliamentary and Presidential 

Political Institutions- 

  1. Legislature, 
  2. Executive, and 
  3. Judiciary. 

Political parties and 

Pressure groups, 

Electoral Systems. 

Political Philosophy – 

  • (A) Indian Political Thinkers- Manu, Kautilya, Gandhi, M.N. Roy,Ambedkar 
  • (B) Western Political Thought- Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Mill, Hegel, Green, Marx, Laski, Gramci, HannaArendt 


Indian Government and Politics 

Indian Nationalism-

  1. Causes for the Rise of Nationalism, 
  2. Bang Bhang Movement, 
  3. NonCooperation Movement and 
  4. Civil disobedience movement 

Making of the Indian Constitution- 

  1. Legacy of British Rule, 
  2. Salient features of the constitution, 
  3. Fundamental Rights, 
  4. Fundamental duties, 
  5. Directive principles of state policy. 
  6. Amendment of the Constitution, 
  7. Union Government- President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Parvument of the Supreme Court. 
  8. State Government- Governor, Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, State Legislature, High Court. 
  9. Centre-State Relations. 
  10. Local Self Government – Municipality, Municipal Corporation, and 74 Amendment.  Panchayati Raj and 73 Amendment. 
  11. Union Public Service Commission, 
  12. State Public Service Commission, 
  13. Election commission, 

Political Process- Caste, Regionalism, Linguism, Communalism in Politics, Political Parties, Pressure groups and their Role, National Integration 

Niti Ayog, Human Rights Commission.




  1. International Relations – Meaning, Nature and Scope 
  2. Theories of International and Relations – Idealists, Realist, Systems and 
  3. Decision making theories Factors determining foreign Policy- National Interest and Ideology
  4. Means of National Interest- Nationalism, Imperialism, Colonialism. 
  5. Principles of Balance of Power, and Collective Security. 
  6. Role of International Law and Diplomacy in Internatinal Relations. 
  7. U.N.: Organization and Role Changing International Political order in the post- Cold war Period 
  8. Arms race and Arms Control Role and Relevance of Non-Aligned Movement. 

Regional Organizations-

  1. E.U.,
  2. A.S.E.A.N.
  3. ,A.P.E.C., 
  4. S.A.A.R.C. 

New International Economic Order- 

  1. W.T.O., 
  2. Liberalization, 
  3. Privatization and 
  4. Globalization 

Contemporary issues in International Politics- 

  1. Human Rights, 
  2. Environment, 
  3. Terrorism, 
  4. Nuclear Proliferation. 


1- Foreign Policies of America, Russia and China 

2- India's Foreign Policy and relations withAmerica, Russia and China 

3- India's Relations with Neighbouring Countries 

4- Palestine Problem andArab- Israel Conflict 

5- Role of Third World in International Relations 

6- North- South dialogue, South- South Cooperation. 

7- Indian Ocean- Problems and prospects.

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