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17. MANAGEMENT PAPER-I The candidates are expected to be acquainted with various aspects of Management. They should be able to apply theory to practice in the context of world business, in general and business function in India, in particular. For this, they are expected to be well conversant with the environment, in which business functions in India. They should also be able to display knowledge and application of managerial tools of analysis and decision-making in various functional areas. 1. Management Concepts and Evolution, Concept and significance of Management; Management as science or art; distinction between management and administration; Role and Responsibilities of management; Principle of management; Evolution of management thought- classical school, Neo-classical School, modern management school. 2.Planning and Decision Making; Planning-nature, type, significance and limitations;Plans objectives; policies; procedures; planning premises; Forecasting, Techniques of forecasting and limitation. Decision making – types, process; Rational decision making and its limitations. Concept of bounded rationality. 3. Organization and Organizational Behaviour; Organisation-concept, Types, divisions and levels, Span of management; Authority and responsibility; Authority types, sources, Delegation of authority, principles and obstacles to delegation; Centralisation and decentralization of authority; Organisational behaviour- concept and significance, individual and group behaviour. Organisational Change, resistance to change; conflict management 4. Directing-principles and techniques, Motivation-Maslow, Hezberg, McLelland, McGregor, Contingency theories; MBO. Leadership, types, Traits of successful leader, Various theories of leadership; Communication-Process, Levels and types, barriers to communication, Measures for effective communication, Role of technology in communication. 5. Controlling-Process; Pre-requisites for effectives controlling, Methods of controlling, budgetary and non budgetary methods, Coordination, Concept, Techniques and barriers to Co-ordination. 6. Business Environment, Interplay between business unit and environment, ethics and corporate governance; Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Foreign Capital and Foreign Collaboration; Strategy, concept levels, SWOT analysis core competency and synergy, Porter's Five Forces Model and Value ChainAnalysis, BCG Matrix.

MANAGEMENT PAPER-II SECTION-I MARKETING MANAGEMENT Concept of Marketing, Marketing Mix; Marketing Research; Marketing Environment; Marketing Plan; Market Segmentation; Market Target and Positioning; Product Strategies, Product Life-Cycle; Consumer Behaviour; Brand Management; Sales Promotion, Advertising, Management of Sales Force, Pricing Decision, Marketing Channel-Retail Management, Internet Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Rural Marketing in India; International Marketing; Marketing Audit and Control; Ethics in Marketing. SECTION-II PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Meaning and Nature of Production Management; Type of Production Systems; Production Planning and Control, Lean Manufacturing and Flexible Systems; Ranking, Loading and Scheduling for different production system; Site Selection and Plant Location, Plant Layout and Material Handling; Production Design, Inventory Management; Supply Chain Management; Enterprise Resource Planning; Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, PERT and CPM, Waste Management. SECTION-III- FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Meaning and Scope, Estimating the firm's financial requirements; Capital Structure determination; Cost of Capital; Working Capital Management; Capital Market, Regulatory Role of SEBI, Venture Capital, Mutual Fund; Divident Policy; Net Banking and NPA Management; Corporate Restructuring, Merger and Acquisition; Investment Decision, RiskAnalysis; Lease Financing; Foreign Exchange Market. SECTION-IV- HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Nature of Human Resource Management, Scope of Human Resource Management; Job Analysis and Job Design; Recruitment and Selection; Training and Development; Career Planning; 360 degree Performance Apprisal; Worker's Participation in Management; ESOPs; Trade Union in India; Safety, Welfare, Strike, Lay-Off, Lock-out and Reconciliation; HR Audit; Flexible Working Condition; Work from Home; Valuntary Retirement Scheme (VRS); Outsourcing. 

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