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9. PHILOSOPHY: PAPER-I (History and Problems of Philosophy) (SECTION-A) 1. Plato: Theory of ideas 2. Aristotle : Form, matter and Causation. 3. Descartes: Method, soul, God, Mind-Body dualism. 4. Spinoza : Substance,Attributes and Modes, Pantheism. 5. Leibnitz: Monads, God. 6. Locke : Theory of knowledge, Rejection of Innate ideas, Substance and Qualities. 7. Berkeley : Refutation of Abstract Idea, Refutation of Matter, Refutation of the distinction between Primary and Secondary Qualities, Idealism. 8. Hume: Theory of knowledge, Scepticism, Self, Causality. 9. Kant: Apriori and Aposteriori Knowledge, Analytic and Synthetic Judgements, possibility of Synthetic Apriori Judgement, Space, Time, Categories, Ideas of Reason, Criticism of the proofs for the existence of God 10. Hegel: Dialectical Method, Absolute Idealism. 11 (a) Moore: Defence of Common sense, Refutation of Idealism. 11 (b) Russell : Theory of Descriptions, Incomplete Symbols, Logical Atomism : Atomic Facts. 12. Wittgenstein: Elementary Propositions, Picture Theory of Meaning, Distinction of Saying and Showing. 13. Logical Positivism : Verification Theory, Rejection of Metaphysics, Linguistic Theory of Necessary Propositions. 14. Phenomenology : Husserl Phenomological Method, Intentionality of Consciousness. 15. Existentialism: (Kiecrkegaard and Sartre)- Existence and Essence, Freedom and Choice, Responsibility and Authenitc Existence. 16. Quine : Radical Translation. 17. Strawson : Theory of Person. (SECTION-B) 1. Carvaka: Theory of knowledge, Materialism. 2. Jainism : Theory of Reality. Syadvada and Saptabhanginaya Bondage and Liberation. 3. Buddhism : Pratityasamutpada, Ksanikavada, Nairatmyavada, Schools of Budhism. 4. Sankhya-Yoga : Prakriti, Purusa, Theory of Causation, Liberation,Ashtanga-yoga, Cittabhumi, Ishvara. 5. Nyaya- Vaisesika : Pramanas, Self, Liberation, Nature of God and proofs for existence of God, Categories, Theory of causation, Atomism. 6. Mimamsa : Theory of Knowledge, Prama, Pramanas, Svatahpramanyavada, 7. Vedanta : Sankara, Ramauja and Madhva (Brahma, Isvara, Atma, Jiva, Jagata, Maya,Avidya,Adhyasa, Moksha).

Pholisophy : PAPER-II (Socio Political Pholisophy and Philosophy of Religion) (SECTION-A) 1. 2. 3. Social and Political Ideals: Equality, Justice, Liberty Sovereignty Individual and State Democracy: Concept and forms Socialism and Marxism Humanism 4. 5. 6. 7. Secularism Multiculturalism . Theories of Punishment Violence, Non-violence, 8. 9 10. Sarvodaya Gender-Equality Scientific Temper and Progress Philosophy of 11. 12. 13. Ecology. SECTION-B 1. 2. 3. Religion : Theology and Philosophy of Religion. Religion and Morality Notions of God; Personalistic, Impersonalistic, Natuaralistic. Proofs for the existence of God. 4. 5. Immoratility of Soul Liberation Religious Knowledge; Reason, Revelation and 6. 7. Mysticism Religion without God Problem of Evil Religious Tolerance.
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